Bathtubs have looked vastly different over time, some massive and pink, others small and plain white. If one thing changes over time it’s taste, styles are constantly changing and evolving. In the past, you would have been stuck with your tub, but now we have this thing called refinishing. Refinishing can take even the ugliest tubs and in just a few days have them looking exactly as you want, refinishing will make you not even consider a full-on replacement. With proper care, your tub can last you years and years before you’ll even have to think about refinishing again.

Home improvement is either done by professionals you bring in or you do it yourself. DIY’ing is fantastic for those easier jobs where you’re just looking to save a bit of money and learn some skills for yourself, but not all jobs are made equal and can be done successfully by yourself. One big concern with refinishing work is proper ventilation and protective equipment. These fumes are not friendly, and the average untrained joe may just not know that and put themselves in serious danger. It’s also so important to ensure that you’re using the highest quality materials and tools that you can, so all of those savings you’re getting now are just not wasted when you have to have the job re-done soon after. Often you can’t quite get the same acrylics and urethane products that the Pros can. The most important thing with jobs like this is just know-how. The professionals will come with the tools and knowledge needed to do your job perfectly, instead of worrying and wondering if you can do it well yourself.

Before you can even think about getting into refinishing, the old surface needs to be stripped completely. The pro generally uses hydrofluoric acid to do this, it gets the job done quickly and completely. It’s critical that every single last spot of your old finish be taken off first, you have to have a clean and uniform service. One thing to also look for at this point is chips or cracks–these need to be repaired now or never. Generally, the pros are going to apply two coats of epoxy to ensure a good finish, and then top that with a final later of polyurethane to act as that final layer of protection. The pros use spray guns to ensure the smoothest and cleanest coat possible, so you can get that lovely glossy appearance in all its glory.

After refinishing your tub should be able to keep a lickin’ and keep on ticking, but don’t expect it to look just as it does now 40 years from now. Good installation and proper care should keep your tub looking and working great for at least a good 10 to 15 years. Maintenance should be just about as simple as cleaning regularly, avoiding anything abrasive like steel wool and sticking with softwash rags and gentle cleaners. One big thing people don’t often think of is washing pets in the tub–those claws are going to tear up your tub floor. Also suction-cup floor mats, those can completely tear up the new floor of your tub so it’s best to just avoid them.

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, bathtub refinishing is one of the most worthwhile and impactful things you can do. It can be done in a day or two and last you for 10+ years easily! Don’t torture yourself with that horrid tub you’ve always hated any longer, go ahead and get the bathtub you’ve always wanted by calling our friends the Bath Tub Refinishing Charlotte experts at Specialized Refinishing.