Cleaning Company in Charlotte

A commercial cleaning service is a company that provides a comprehensive office cleaning package to its clients, which includes cleaning the office interior, changing light bulbs, and other common office tasks such as dusting and vacuuming. Commercial Cleaning Services covers a wide range of sectors: Office Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, Medical Office Cleaning, Executive Suite Cleaning, Salon Designer Cleaning, and Bathroom Cleaning Service. Some companies may even do light office tasks such as dusting furniture and mirrors. For large offices, the task of janitorial services may be outsourced to a company that specializes in commercial cleaning.

Public Cleaning Services

One of the greatest challenges facing modern office buildings is the cleaning of its public areas such as the lobby, reception area, waiting rooms, cafeterias, and restrooms. Public cleaning services include the cleaning of floors, carpeting, windows, and other surfaces; cleaning restroom facilities; cleaning tile and grout between floors; removing trash, debris, and stains from floors; and maintaining restrooms, cafeterias, and kitchens. janitors must often sanitize restrooms and kitchens with disinfectants or hazardous cleaning products such as Lysol or chlorine bleach. Commercial cleaners Charlotte can also provide floor coverings such as vinyl or laminate flooring, or the more expensive tile flooring systems.


Janitorial services are usually contracted by individual offices, but they may be required by larger commercial corporations in certain industries such as pharmaceuticals and hotels. In most cases, a commercial cleaning service will provide its regular customers with a detailed cleaning contract that details the tasks to be performed, the frequency of calls, and the payment terms. Commercial cleaners are expected to perform their duties in good time and keep the building or office clean and orderly. Failure to comply with the contract terms and conditions could result in fines or legal action. Many cleaning company services employ members or supervisors who are responsible for monitoring the cleaning crew and ensuring all employees are performing their job duties in a timely and efficient manner.