Raleigh Shipping Containers

Shipping containers offer the most convenient and versatile form of storage. From on-location storage solutions to on-site construction material storage and mobile work space, a shipping container can be used for many things. A shipping container can be delivered and transported by one truck, which saves time and money. Storage containers simply provide solutions for so many problems. Are you moving? Do you need a make-shift work space for a work-site? Do you need to store large items on your property? No matter what your need is, a shipping container will do the trick.

Different Sizes of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are available in several different sizes, but 20′ is the most popular. A 20′ container will be a great, average size storage container for any common needs. Storage containers will be stored by a company stacked together. You will also find containers in 10′ and 40′ sizes. While these are not as common, they are still readily available and have their own uses. The 40’ is great for very large machinery, which many farmers or construction site supervisors will fin a use for. The 10’ container will work great for your home belongings and can easily be transported during a move with less belongings. You could use it as a shed, too! We suggest the 10′ or 20′ container for most people who are not using large machinery or serving as a mobile office for many people.

Storage Containers Security

You can trust your container will get your belongings from point A to point B securely. Not only are they incredibly secure from a human-tampering standpoint, meaning you shouldn’t be concerned about it being broken into, they are also very sturdy in a way of fighting off the elements. A storage container is built to be able to float in the ocean! Your storage container will be able to take whatever nature throws at it without your property being damaged inside.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is a fantastic option if you’re moving multiple times in a short amount of time. Consider a shed, for instance, while it is great while you live in the home, what happens when it is time to go? You now have to pack it up and move. If you had mobile storage already by using a storage container as your shed, you would just call your container company to pick it up and transport it with everything inside. It is so convenient.

Storage Systems in Raleigh, NC

Storage containers offer so many solutions everyone. One of the best uses outside of moving or storage has been using it as a mobile office. Many industries rely on having employees working in the field. By using a storage container as a mobile office, you can easily provide space for those employees to work comfortably instead of being forced to sit on the ground or in their car. Ready to get your container? We like what Shipping Containers Raleigh can offer!